Why Yes This IS the Best Movie Poster of the Year

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It’s got everything. A laundry list of (mostly) washed-up action stars that has never been matched in a film. A photoshop job so terrible I can’t look at it without laughing. A biblical concept that’s been done so many times I can’t even count. BUT IT’S FANTASTIC IN EVERY WAY.

Seriously, you can’t look at this as an action fan and not smile. Even if half of these people appear to be hand drawn in, it’s pretty great and the best promotional material for a film I’ve seen so far this year. Although this Looper poster is pretty damn cool too.

Glad someone finally knocked some sense into Chuck “Not as cool as I thought he was” Norris, and this is actually going to be R-rated. I’ll be checking it out next week and probably smiling for the duration of the film.


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