Why Unreality Doesn’t Cover Music: My Top 10 Most Played Songs in iTunes

People often ask me why Unreality doesn’t write about music in addition to movies, TV and video games. Surely it’s the next logical category, right?

I’m not sure I see it that way, while music is certainly “media,” I feel like it’s removed from those others and is a unique experience. I also don’t have any idea how to descriptively write about music (“the sounds sound…nice?”) and it would probably make for a terrible read.

But furthermore, most everyone I know agrees that I have “terrible taste” in music. I can’t really fault them for that. My music selections are mostly pulled from movie trailers or video games, and the few pop songs that slip through aren’t going to impress anyone with their hipness. To see what I’m talking about, here are my recent most played songs on iTunes.

10. Nightcall – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx (Drive Soundtrack)


I immediately went and downloaded the entire Drive soundtrack minutes after seeing the movie, and this is the song I play when I want to feel like a badass driving my Ford Fusion around town.

9. Heartbeat – Childish Gambino


I heard that Community’s Donald Glover rapped, and I heard he was pretty good. Turns out, I heard right. This is an amazing track, and across both the albums I’ve listened to, dude has some of the most clever lyrics I’ve ever heard in rap.

8. Video Games – Lana Del Rey


I actually downloaded Lana Del Rey’s album after her “terrible” Saturday Night Live performance to see what all the anti-hype was about. I actually liked her stuff. Yes, it’s monotonous, but there’s just something addicting about this song.

7. Deadman’s Gun – Ashtar Command (Red Dead Redemption Soundtrack)


Red Dead had a great soundtrack all around, but this was my favorite track from it. Ashtar Command also had a song called “Into Dust” that was the best song from all five seasons of The OC back in the day.

6. Someone Like You – Adele



5. Doomsday – Nero (Borderlands 2 Trailer)


This is my main workout song. When it comes on, I’ll easily keep running no matter how much I may be dying. I’m not a huge dubstep person, but this is by far the best track I’ve ever heard out of the genre, associations with the awesome Borderlands 2 aside.