Four Critical Reasons Why I can’t See New Movies Anymore


Nearly every single time I go to the theaters these days I’m skeptical.  I would say around 10 years ago I was always pumped to go see a new movie but today?  Today I feel like it’s a gamble.  Now I’m not saying that good movies don’t exist anymore.  They clearly do.  However, somewhere along the way society has changed.

We live in a fast world right now with less attention spans.  We live in a world where visuals seem to matter more than ever before.  We are living in a world where artistic integrity is suffering at the jaws of conformity.

Boom!  Bang!  Pow!  Did you see that?  This is what movies are today.   And dammit someone’s gotta talk about it.

Here are four reasons I can’t stand new movies anymore

Technology is Working Against The Story and Acting


I don’t want this to be a rant against technology.  Please don’t get me wrong here.  Technology is always good in terms of introducing new methods of displaying imagery and worlds we have never seen.  But I have yet to see a movie that can combine this technology with a stunning story and acting.  I hope it’s coming but right now these giant blockbusters are way too focused on what we see and not how we feel.  My main purpose in seeing a film is to get something out of it.  Yes, maybe I want to get a “wow I never saw that before” out of it but honestly it’s not enough.  Iron Man 2?  Sure it was entertaining but the plot was horrible, the acting was eh, and I just didn’t care to see the film.  To me the best movie so far that’s combined technology with a cool story was Star Trek.

Actors Aren’t Good Anymore


Even though Mickey Rourke is a dick he had a great point.  This new crop of actors isn’t really good.  I mean when Robert Pattinson and Dakota Fanning are leading the new crop can you really compare them to the likes of Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep?  Hahahaha.  Just writing that made me laugh.  And this goes back to my last point.  With technology carrying a film lots of times the actors don’t even have to act…which is sad.  There are a few great actors out there in the new crop that I think are good but man there’s just not enough anymore.  Emile Hirsch and Joseph Gordon Levitt are very solid.  Other than that on the male side?  Dicaprio is not this generation nor is Ed Norton.  They’re older.  And females?  Kristen Stewart?  Dakota Fanning?  Let’s be real here.  Actors just aren’t as good anymore.

They Aren’t “New”

Karate Kid

Could there be more remakes and sequels these days?   Please don’t get me started on this.  I might vomit if I write any more.

Ticket Prices Are Absurd


Thirteen bucks to see a movie?  Come on man.  That’s just insane.  I hate being Mr. Old Fart guy here but back when I was a kid movies were five bucks.  And how do you think our parents feel?  When they were young movies were around 50 cents to a buck.  You throw in popcorn and a soda and you’re literally spending 25 dollars just to see a movie…for one person!  I could get five $5 foot long sandwiches from Subway for that.  I just wanted you all to think “5 Dollar Footlooonnnnng!”  Seriously though, movies cost too much to attend.


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