A 70 Minute Analysis of Why The Phanton Menace Sucked


Alright people, you are going to have to trust me when I say that this absurdly long analysis of just why The Phantom Menace was so terrible is worth watching. I KNOW the guy narrating it sounds like Buffalo Bill meets Dr. Zoidberg, but if you can push through like, the first five minutes of the first video, you will see that this is a worthwhile watch for any fan of the series.

Everyone knows that Phantom sucks, but its hard to say exactly why other than blurting out obvious points like “Jar Jar!” “Midi-chlorians!” and the like. This guy does a point by point, almost scene by scene breakdown of why the film is so terrible. His point about the movie not having a protagonist is probably the most obvious argument that I’ve never actually heard vocalized before.

So yeah, trust me that this is worth watching, it’s well researched, edited and far more entertaining than the film itself. Enjoy:








Mad props man, please do this for the other two prequel movies as well. Cut it out with the serial  killer shit though; we get it, you sound creepy.