Why is George Michael Bluth Being Such a Dick?


Of the millions of douchebags in Hollywood to hate, I would have never thought that Michael Cera would be anywhere near my top ten list, or even filed under “douchebag” to begin with. I guess we often assume that actors are like the characters they play, and therefore Cera should be a meek, timid nice guy who wouldn’t dare have such a massive ego to hold up production on such a surely brilliant project as the Arrested Development movie.

But this interview with MTV (after the jump) is intensely disturbing. Cera is being a complete jackass, acting like he doesn’t know what they want to ask him about Arrested, and then says the project is all “hypothetical” even though every single other castmate has said “we’re doing it.” Then, to the shock of his interviewers, he says once he sees the script he may like it, or he may put it in the shredder. Really? **** you Michael Cera. Maybe you should think about where you’d be right now without that show.

Why does he not want to do it? In every movie he’s been in since he’s been playing the exact same George Michael-type awkward teen, why would he care about going back to reprising the same type of role, but on one of the television’s universally acclaimed best shows ever? I don’t understand it, and there’s got to be more to the story here.

Watch the video:


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