Why I Actually Don’t Have a Problem with Terminator’s PG-13 Rating


I mean they’re even shooting robots point blank in the head in the trailer.

I realize that T-fans everywhere are currently screaming bloody murder that the upcoming fourth film has been officially been given a PG-13 rating. The last three films were R-rated masterpieces (well, two of them fall into that category), so why should this film be any different?

Well, let’s think back. Why exactly were the first three movies rated R in the first place? Aside from one particularly memorable police station shootout and a few “We gotta get the **** out of here” ‘s from John Connor, I seem to remember the majority of the violence being robot on robot action, which as anyone from Droids to Transformers can tell you, is family friendly action goodness.

In the fourth film, the story is mainly about humans fighting robots, and there’s going to be a lot of blown up bloodless scrap metal as a result. And in terms of violence against humans, we’re at a point now where you can pretty much get away with anything except limb loss in a PG-13 movie. As for the ultimate R-rated crowning jewel, the f-bomb, how many movies have you walked out of where you’ve said, “Man, it was good, but it really needed more swearing.”

Yes, I think the movie could be made fractionally better by an R-rating, but from the studio’s perspective, the amount of potential revenue they’d be losing wouldn’t be worth it, and I actually don’t blame them for that kind of financial decision. Terminator Salvation will be judged mainly on the story and the acting, and I don’t feel this is a Live Free and Die Hard instance of PG-13-izing, where the franchise is losing something essential to what made it what it was. Then again, I guess we’ll have to see won’t we?

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