Who You Gonna Call?

Sick of Pokemon and Zelda art? Then try on this awesome rendition of Ghostbusters on for size. It’s from artist Hugo Martin (via Crystal Lynn), and features the epic battle with the Stay Puft Marshmallow man we all know and love.

Side note: Who here thinks Ghostbusters 3 is a good idea? You know they’re going to assemble a Judd Apatow-ish crew for it which could be a good or bad thing. Should we not disturb the dead and let the franchise rest in peace, or is this a trilogy that really needs to be completed?

  • Jbo

    The ‘Judd Apatow’ thing was a rumor from about a year ago. They’re going to have a young crew but I doubt it will be James Franco, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera or anybody like any of those people.

    That said, no, this isn’t a good idea. Leave the franchise alone.

  • whodat

    i highly doubt that there will be a ghostbusters 3 movie. from what i understand, the ghostbusters video game is what the third movie would have been. but in video game form.

  • Awesome artwork! And I think it’s time for the third installment. The movies were never so serious that if they had a bad sequel it would ruin the franchises (I.E. GB2!) so I say go for a third one!

  • Nick

    Whodat: Ghostbusters 3 filming is scheduled to commence in may 2011

  • Alaric

    They could at least give us Ghostbusters legos!