Who Wants to See 12 Seconds of Inglorious Basterds?

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Sure you could wait until tonight to see the full trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s new WWII flick, Inglorious Basterds, but until then, here’s 12 seconds of footage from the preview of the trailer. It features Brad Pitt manufacturing his best southern accent, telling his troops that he wants them each to get 100 Nazi scalps. Did they scalp people in World War II? I must have missed that chapter. Maybe they can just take a uniform arm patch or something.

Will Tarantino doing WWII not be as batsh*t crazy as it sounds? Will we ever fully understand why “Basterds” has an “e” in it? Does Brad Pitt look like a pedophile or a badass with a mustache? All these questions and more…will probably not be answered by the trailer, but I’ll be posting it anyways. Until then, here’s your twelve seconds:


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