Obscure Movie Characters We Love: Richardson from Hot Rod


I’ve decided to create a little topic that I hold dear because I want to pay homage to those movie characters that make our days a little bit brighter by their performances.  They’re not huge in stature.  Hell you probably have never heard of them but somehow, in some way you always notice them in that movie you just saw.

Today’s assignment is Richardson from the underrated comedy Hot Rod.

One of the best characteristics of one of these characters is the memory factor.  You might not remember every single line from the movie but you can be damned sure to remember one or a few things that these guys do.

Chester Tam (the guy who plays Richardson) nailed his part.  And what was his part?  Simple.  Be the biggest and best fan of Hot Rod on the planet.  And how does one accomplish this feat?  Quite simply actually.   By defending his honor every single chance he got.

And also by air humping obsessively.    We may never see Chester Tam again in a movie but he will forever be immortalize by doing this…


Thanks buddy.  Just giving you the credit you deserve.

*Something interesting to note.  In most of his TV and Movie appearances he goes by “Chester” as his character name.  Curious as to why he agreed to be Richardson.  I guess an Asian guy called Richardson is kind of funny.

Also, Chester is part of The Lonely Island, clearly why he was in the movie in the first place.  I do hope we hear from Mr. Tam again.  The guy is fantastic.

  • illeaturfamily

    @ Nattyb

    Sooooo glad you gave the Lonely Island shout out. I remember seeing that stuff years before Andy Samberg was a cast member on SNL and thinking it was just absolutely hilarious.

    My favorite Lonely Island skit with Chester: The Backseatsman. Chester and Andy are great in that one.

    Sweet Lord I laugh so hard every time I see it.

  • Kevin

    The Lonely Island is great but just like other great sketch shows that try to do movies (Kids in the Hall and Mr. Show come to mind) it just can’t hold my attention for a full 90 minutes. I wanted to like Hot Rod, I really did, and there were a few parts that I thought were really funny (the part where Samberg is running through the forest). Overall though, I thought this movie could have been much better. I think when funny people make a movie they need to concentrate on making jokes instead of intentional weirdness disguised as jokes. They aren’t always the same thing.

    Watching that clip just reaffirms that I probably won’t be throwing that into my DVD player anytime soon. I just think those guys are capable of more than a “watch the goofy Asian guy dance” joke, which happened more times than I could count in the movie. Throwing the fliers at people is funny, but it seemed like it took a backseat to the “hey, there’s an Asian guy dancing for no reason!” joke.

  • Nattyb

    I respect your opinion Kevin and can see where you’re coming from but man, Hot Rod had some really funny stuff.

    And I happen to enjoy intentional weirdness so it’s obvious why I love it.

    That clip? That clip is AMAZING. Period.

  • Kevin

    I’m ok with people liking the movie, I get it. I also happen to really like intentional weirdness as well when it is in the context of a sketch. But when they try to incorporate that into a movie with plotlines and character it can just be distracting. I’m not saying there isn’t room for intentional weirdness in movies, but it needs to be done the right way for me to like it.

    Like I said, Hot Rod did this a couple of times, but mostly it just felt like a lot of random ideas that just felt distracting. But that might have been exactly what they were going for. They’re not exactly the most conventional guys around…

  • Nattyb

    Very true Kevin. Not conventional at all which is why I said it’s understandable that some people wouldn’t find it funny. Yay!

  • Madison


    Nice job giving this man the credit he deserves.

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