Which Most Expensive Movie Sucked the Most?


From The New York Post:

Wednesday’s release of “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen” will arguably be the biggest blockbuster this year. While they bring in the big bucks, blockbuster movies are notorious for costing their production studios and arm and a leg to create. Coming in with an estimated cost of $225 million, “Transformers 2” easily ranks with the most expensive movies ever made. Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive movies ever made

It’s an interesting list to say the least, and clearly proves that spending a ton of money definitely doesn’t always mean you’re going to wind up with a great product.

Of the 10 that made this list I’m gonna have to say that five of these movies were borderline awful.   Again, it’s my opinion but if we know our readers it comes down to King Kong, T3, Superman, Spiderman 3 and X-MenThe Last Stand.  I mean were these movies REALLY bad?  Eh, kind of.

Personally I’m picking King Kong, T3, and Spidey as a tie here although all of them were pretty bad.


  • Spider-Man 3 by miles, holy crap, that movie is horrendous. Superman Returns comes a close 2nd

  • Roland

    You missed Spider-Man 3. The Most Expensive movie ever with a budget of 258$ million dollar and the most awful one.

  • zsasz

    i can finally learn to love again, knowing that im not the only one who realises the utter horror of spiderman 3 – the biggest travesty ever made.

  • Nattyb

    I didn’t include that? Blasphemy. Sorry guys, and it was the first one I thought of too.

  • Madison

    Spider-Man 3 was horrible, as was the third X-Men movie. Total abortions, the two of them. Say what you want about King Kong, but it’s in a totally different league than the two of them. Sure, it could have done without the first 45 minutes, but I don’t understand why everyone is so hard on that movie.

  • Nattyb

    I don’t know, because it sucked 🙂

    Seriously though, I just think it was a giant mish mosh of special effects and I didn’t “feel” anything in the movie.

    In the one with Jeff Bridges there was sympathy and the Gorilla at least had a human face…. sort of. I felt compassion a bit more.

    I mean you sort of do in this one but not to the same extent.

    And quite frankly Adrien Brody’s character isn’t even really necessary.

    Eh, I just didn’t like it.

  • MacGyver1138

    I don’t think King Kong was so bad. It can’t hold up to the original, because that was just to mind-blowing for its time and remakes lose a lot of magic, but it was a passable film. Spider-Man 3 was just awful, especially after the brilliance of Spider-Man 2.

  • Dude

    I wouldn’t go so hard on T3 for me it was ok movie, Spider-Man 3 definitely the worst and part when spidey stands and in back is big USA flag well that only goes to show how much cliche and ass kissing and just down right indulging to less smart part of the audience was there in the movie.

    And what they did to the Venom well that just wrong! Guaranteed ticket to hell if you ask me cuz I feel deep in my heart that God is comics fan.

  • Q8248494

    I was really hoping that in this thread I would find someone else who saw Spiderman 2 for the piece of garbage that it was. I agree that Spiderman 3 was the worst of them, but I don’t see how standing infront of the flag is cliche, but having a subway full of civilians who are willing to die for you and keep your secret identity seems justifiable to everyone. I think that both Spiderman 2 and 3 were the worst of the list.

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  • I think Terminator 3 was pretty good, all things considered. A fun film, no T2 of course but a fun film. Spider-man 3 blew, but I think out of the 3 films nominated X-Men 3 was the worst. Killing half the main characters does not a good movie make, Brett Ratner. Also, it was bad.

  • Madison

    @ Nickjaa

    I don’t think T3 was pretty good, but I do think it was a lot better than X3 and Spidey 3. Spidey 3 is the worst of that bunch by a lot, I think.

  • Buddy Cool


    Battlefield Earth grossed $21,471,685 in the United States and Canada and a total of $29,725,663 worldwide, falling well short of its $75 million production budget and $20 million in estimated marketing costs.

    Nuff said.