When Marvel Girls Become Bond Girls

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When I first saw this bit of cool art from Bill Walko, I thought it was just a neat artsy look at some past Bond girls. Then when I looked closer, I realized that the girls had been subbed in with Marvel superheroettes (superheroines?) instead.

It’s a very creative art project, and the rest of his art is done in a similar style that I highly suggest you check out. I see an animated series in his future!

Wow. I just got the jokes behind some of these. From Russia With Love, Diamonds are Forever, Octopussy, You Only Live Twice. I’m an idiot, and I still don’t get like four of them. Why is She-Hulk Thunderball?

  • TheUndeadFetus

    Hi there TheUndeadFetus here, long time reader first time commenter. My guess for why She Hulk is in Thunderball would be because the movies about nukes being stolen.