When Comic Book Villains and Heroes Get Old

Old Superheroes

Since superheroes are well, super, you don’t necessarily think of them losing any of their powers.  And you most certainly don’t think of them as older people.  Are they even people?  I guess that’s a different subject entirely.

But what if superheroes succumbed to the perils of old age?  What would they look like?  How would they try to live?

Italian cartoonist Donald Soffritti imagines the later years of superheroes, with hilarious results.

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Captain America

Old Superheroes

Batman and Robin

Old Superheroes


Old Superheroes

The Penguin

Old Superheroes

Mr. Fantastic

Old Superheroes

The Thing

Old Superheroes

 The Silver Surfer

Old Superheroes

Spider Man

Old Superheroes

Doctor Octopus

Old Superheroes

The Incredible Hulk

Old Superheroes

Iron Man

Old Superheroes


Old Superheroes


Old Superheroes


Old Superheroes


Old Superheroes

The Flash

Old Superheroes

The Vulture

Old Superheroes


Old Superheroes

Mandrake and Lothar

Old Superheroes

  • 1) Wolverine cannot age. In the X-Men comics and movies, he is 200 years old and looks like he’s 30.
    2) Captain America cannot get fat, his body uses it up too quickly.
    3) Galactus and the Silver Surfer do not age either, they are superphysical being and therefore exist outside of time.

  • Madison

    @ Cortega

    I don’t think these pics were supposed to be taken that seriously, you know…

    But you’re right. Heh.


    the vulture is already old, isnt he?

  • moog

    @cortega Dorkiness acknowledged. You may return to the back room of the comic book store to play Magic.

  • Leeluxero

    @Cortega: Wolverine CAN age…they show it in one of his comics, even. Wish I could remember the name of the book. arg. But yeah, he ages, just extremely slowly. I mean, he was once a kid, wasn’t he? And now he’s an adult, so obviously he can age.

    Tried looking up the name of the book I was talking about, but couldn’t find it. Did find another example, though: Old Man Logan. It’s an AU, but still, it depicts an old Logan that’s turned pacifist.

  • Refunk

    What a sad view of old age. Doesn’t Soffritti know any healthy, happy elderly people? Clearly not a fan of superheroes, either, although he may have got close with that Iron Man.

  • Ok…so everyone gets old and can’t do stuff.
    I’m going to even the playing field for the oldies…



  • Bruce Wayne

    Should Bizarro be really young? Just a thought.

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  • Should Bizarro be really young? Just a thought..

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  • No go!

    Chuck Norris is a super hero as wel 😛
    But wait Chuck Norris does’nt grow old…everything around him grows young 😛

  • Ortiz

    Of course Wolverine can get old, just read Wolverine: The End, he is more than 200 years old and looks pretty bad.

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  • Me

    @ all of you who just critized one ounce of this comic- eff off. and get a job. good lord. bored at work I got redirected like seven times and ended up here- I thought it was funy- whomever did it took their time and was creative- props to you who did a job well done.

    and today we salute you- morons of webcomic criticizers.good friggen job. you rank up there with myspace shit talkers and people who call into the radio to complain.

  • leo

    haha nice but what about superman?