When Cameron Beat Lucas


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What you’re looking at is a piece of artwork that George Lucas purchased as a full-page ad in Variety for James Cameron when Titanic surpassed Star Wars to be the highest grossing movie of all time in 1997. If that wasn’t cool enough (and click on it, the details are amazing), I discovered through the source that this is actually a tradition in Hollywood, and Lucas and Spielberg had previously exchanged similar ads when Star Wars beat out Jaws and E.T. I’ve posted those two after the jump.

However, it appears that tradition is about to be broken, as Avatar has now officially passed Titanic as the number one film of all time world-wide. Cameron might have an ego, but I don’t think he’d buy himself an ad. I think since Lucas was involved in all the other ads, he should just step up and buy this one, as I’d love to see a bunch of Banshee’s tearing apart Jack and Rose on the bridge of the sinking ship, wouldn’t you?




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