When a Spartan Loves a Stormtrooper

Halo Spartan Master Chief goes on a Date with Stormtrooper from Adam Grumbo on Vimeo.

What happens when two Space Marines fall in love? Why they go rollerblading and get ice cream of course! What, you thought they were going to kill aliens or something? This video from Adam Grumbo shows a love story between two galaxies that transcends time and space and gender and good and evil alignment. Just because they’re from two separate universes that doesn’t make their love any less real.

I really wish I had a Master Chief costume. You could just walk around anywhere and you would automatically make everyone have a better day, knowing that they had just seen an armored space soldier walking around. I’d probably leave the assault rifle replica at home though, as I don’t think the costume model comes with a shield to deflect cops’ bullets.

  • ehrm… who’s the woman?

    and shouldn’t the spartan be taller?
    i’d love to see both of ’em push their ice-cream against their helmets XD

  • So this was totally filmed at the Arboretum in Austin, TX. There are some marble cow statues near the fountain, and they really should have been part of the video.

    They’re a pretty big reason for people to go out to that park/shopping area. Not to mention the delicious flavors of ice cream that Amy’s has to offer.

    mmm….Shiner Bock ice cream.

  • Kristoph

    That was a little weird..