What the **** is Adrien Brody Doing Starring in ‘Predators’?


King Kong was one of the most horrible miscast movies of all time, partly because Jack Black was in it at all, but mainly because Adrien Brody was playing the rugged hero. But now, this latest news that Brody has the lead role (said to be a “Steve McQueen” type) in Robert Rodriguez’s Predators, is just blowing my mind.

Yes, Brody won an Oscar (undeservedly in my mind), but why the HELL does anyone think he’s an action hero? Just look at that face! A Jewish pianist, absolutely. A grizzled soldier hunting aliens? **** NO! Just what the hell is the thought process here? He must have the world’s greatest agent…

If this wasn’t strange enough, Topher Grace has also joined the cast of Predators, except I can actually buy it as he plays an unassuming nerdy accountant who happens to be a serial killer. I can dig that.

Hey, at least Brody isn’t Channing Tatum.

[via Variety]

  • Caedes

    Hey thats what the said about Reeves before he starred in The Matrix and Speed, no one thought he could transfer his acting into something action oriented and see him now, everyone copies his Matrix move that we all love =D. Its called expanding your value to the public and the movie industry, plus if this is a success its another feather in his cap. Don’t sleep on him, he has the potential to be great.

  • Madison


    Your last line sums it up. At least he can act.

    @ Caedes

    Eh, I don’t know. I think someone much bigger (size wise) should have been cast. Imagine a crew of Mickey Rourke, The Rock, Danny Trejo, Alexander Skaarsgard, and like, Gerard Butler running around trying to fight Predators. That’s be great. But Brody??? I hope I’m proven wrong.

  • Caedes

    I can see where you are coming from, but the mind is always stronger then the body, and glance over at the Alien series, no one complains about a woman being the main protagonist because it was the way it started, with a woman. Yes Arnold set the stage for the Predator vs. Buff Hero, but Danny Glover went face to face with the one in LA and he is a normal seeming dude can we agree, not as if you see him ripping his shirt off even though its the hot summers. What it entails for us humans to destroy these monsters goes beyond the physical. Intuition, courage, being able to use the environment is what the army teaches you to use, hence the term guerrilla warfare. Because of the Predators superior strength and cunning as well as technology can destroy a man such as the men you mentioned. What it will come down to is the story of the character’s past and what he (maybe she, remember AVP) has to face whether it be one or three as we saw in each of the movies. Besides, they will have other actors for the bigger size type of role, maybe even a few depending on where it is on the planet or even if it is on Earth =O lol.

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  • sarah

    Adrien Brody is hot!!!

  • Anneya

    Adrien Brody….hmmm. Did you know he sold all his worldly possessions and lost dozens of pounds in preparation for his role in The Pianist? I belive he can convince in any role he is dedicated to.

  • mAndy

    I’m not a big fan of this movie genre but I will watch him in anything he does. He is one of the best actors out there and I absolutely can’t take my eyes off him. Anyways, the role of the “regular guy” who is put into a situation where he has to do heroic things, has become more and more common. For example, John Cusack in 2012. But I digress… I agree with Sarah, Adrien Brody is HOT!

  • susana chicoria

    I just whatched a film With Broody… THE EXPERIMENT.
    Whatch this movie and tell us what you think Madison…
    You might just change your opinion ….
    I think Broody is a great actor …. never judge the the looks : )
    ( mind you, is stunning… )

  • Madison

    I actually liked Brody quite a bit in Predators. He can definitely act.


    Adrien Brody was killer in Predators. Had the dumbass who wrote this waste of an article paid attention during the film, they’d know that Topher Grace was in addition to being a serial killer, supposed to be a doctor NOT an accountant.

    -2 for the author.

  • Sandy

    Adrien Brody is a great actor, especially in the movie predators. I think they picked the right people and their roles, this is probably why so many people liked it.Five stars in my book.