What the **** is Adrien Brody Doing Starring in ‘Predators’?


King Kong was one of the most horrible miscast movies of all time, partly because Jack Black was in it at all, but mainly because Adrien Brody was playing the rugged hero. But now, this latest news that Brody has the lead role (said to be a “Steve McQueen” type) in Robert Rodriguez’s Predators, is just blowing my mind.

Yes, Brody won an Oscar (undeservedly in my mind), but why the HELL does anyone think he’s an action hero? Just look at that face! A Jewish pianist, absolutely. A grizzled soldier hunting aliens? **** NO! Just what the hell is the thought process here? He must have the world’s greatest agent…

If this wasn’t strange enough, Topher Grace has also joined the cast of Predators, except I can actually buy it as he plays an unassuming nerdy accountant who happens to be a serial killer. I can dig that.

Hey, at least Brody isn’t Channing Tatum.

[via Variety]


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