What the Hell is Going On in the World War Z Trailer?


George Romero gave us slow zombies. 28 Days Later gave us fast zombies. World War Z will give us…tidal wave zombies?

This teaser for the upcoming World War Z trailer via ET (barf) gives us enough of a look at the new movie for me to say…what the f***? Though I’ve never read the source material, I can’t imagine that the zombies described in the book behave quite like this.

This literally almost looks like a scene from 2012, only the floodwaters have been replaced by a mass of human bodies. Why the hell do the move like that? After getting used to the traditional make-uped look of zombies in most new movies and shows featuring them, this sort of CGI craziness seems really backwards and goofy looking. Maybe the full trailer will clear it up a bit, but for now, does it ever look weird.


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