What Sparkly Vampire or Shirtless Werewolf Could Resist?


I don’t want to hear shit about how she was any better in Adventureland.

  • dndgirl

    And this is why I don’t like the Twilight movies. The actress is just … blah.

  • James

    She was better in ‘Into the Wild’ then…….or how about ‘Catch That Kid’?

  • Ahuri3

    When re you going to add a “Share on Google Buzz” icon ? That’s the kinda stuff i would share

  • J5

    This is why I hate all things Kristen Stewart….

    Wasnt there an article on here recently about “Why I Like Kristen Stewart?”

  • J5

    Quick question: Anyone think the Twilight Porn Parody will have better acting than any of these movies?

  • She was the same in Zathura (don’t ask how I know)

  • Velovan

    @ J5

    Yes. It’ll also have better writing and special effects.

  • J5

    @ velovan

    That might be one movie I’d see in 3D.

  • Ellie

    My brother has a shirt similarly like this, except it’s was Chuck Norris.

  • IcemanD

    She wasn’t better in Adventureland. In fact, she ruined what would otherwise have been a mediocre to alright movie.

  • Kristoph

    When shes blonde and not wearing brown contacts she is pretty yummy, till she tries to act… then it’s all down hill from there.

  • Very true! She is just.. numb.

  • Chris

    Ashley Greene is hotter

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  • Suzie

    IcemanD is totally right.
    She practically played the same character.

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  • Crash

    Just watched the Runaways. She was horrible. Simply horrible.