What Do These Two Ladies Have in Common?

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This is kind of a baseline IQ test for you new readers, to see if you meet the minimum level of entertainment knowledge to be allowed to behold the awesomeness that is Unreality.

What do these two actresses have in common, besides both starring in Whip It! which is why they were photographed together in the first place?

I’ll give you a minute, and I’ll meet you at the jump with the answer.

That’s right, both have been seduced by ladies man Michael Cera at some point in their careers, Alia Shawkat in Arrested Development and Ellen Page in Juno.

Another fun fact, George Michael Bluth’s other lady Egg, errr Ann appeared as the lesbian ex in Scott Pilgrim. But I’m sure you already knew that.

  • sylky

    Wow Maeby looks different. Does she have freckles in real life that was covered in Arrested.

  • dalas

    ellen looks so good in that pic
    I want to taste her ass so bad

  • bigmik

    there both ugly lol

  • DarkPassenger29

    Tasted it…

    warm bologna with mayo 🙂

  • Bert

    Wow, Ellen Page looks REALLY good in that photo. Sadly, Maeby has not aged quite as well.

    As for their taste in men, all I can say is… Him?

  • chrystani

    Man I use to think Maeby was so cute… But damn she is starting to look a little um… Old.

    What are you like.. 16?

    “Marry Me!”

  • Velovan

    Who’s Anne? I don’t think we ever met her…

  • nobodyknows

    maeby looks like the hamburglar’s daughter now

  • Ellie

    Also, would like to mention, that the lesbian ex from Scott Pilgrim played Katara in Avatar!

    I had to mention that because I didn’t know who the non-Ellen Page girl was D:

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  • Cam

    Can’t wait for the series that they’re writing together to air! Thought that was what they had in common!

  • Tim

    Which Ann? Wasn’t there at least two different actresses that protrayed her.

  • Nicole

    The girl who played Ann was also on a short lived show with Maeby called “State of Grace”. Oh and Ann (Mae Whitman) was also the President’s daughter in Independance Day.