What a Difference a Decade Makes


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I remember seeing Harry Potter for the first time and thinking, “who’s that ratty little girl they got to play Hermoine?” Well that was 2001, and now, almost ten years later, Emma Watson is all grown up, as shown in this rather crazy side-by-side photo.

I shouldn’t rip on Watson when she was younger, because lord knows I was the most awkward looking fourteen year old ever. But thankfully, both of us grew up to be super hotties. Jokes!

I will use this area to state again every time this comes up. Hermione should have always ended up with Harry, not Ron. F*ck Ginny Weasley.

  • Velovan

    I liked the Harry/Ginny combo in the book. They work well together.
    Though really, Harry and Hermione would have made a good paring as well. The Hermione and Ginny characters are cut from the same general archetype. They’re smart, independent, powerful women and neither of them take shit from anyone. In the end, I’m pretty sure the pairings were done so that everyone could be happy at the end of Deathly Hallows.

  • Lisa

    She just looks like that because she’s wearing a shit-ton of makeup.

  • Josh

    The Ginny thing was supposed to be a theme. I one of those HP nerds that grew up with the books and still read them to this day. Rowling said that she wanted Ginny to end up with Harry because that was always Ginny’s dream. It was one of those “Good things can happen in the midst of avalanches of bad” things.

  • Matt Chi

    I agree it worked out for the best, but seriously. Who would choose Ron the awkward ugly ginger over Harry, savior of the free world?

  • Velovan

    I heard Harry has a tattoo of a Chinese Fireball on his chest.

  • JC

    It’s so lame that they stopped using robes in the later films. That really added to the wizarding world atmosphere.