Well, Now What?

Nattyb’s usually on top of all the GIFs of the internet, so I apologize if he’s posted this one before, but I just thought it rather hilarious. It’s one of those “Star Wars weekend” events where they pull a kid from the audience to fight Lord Vader himself. I think the kid usually wins, bu it’s not because Vader’s lightsaber goes flying off into the crowd. You would think the Empire would spring for better quality control while making those things.

I guess it’s time to break out the Force lighting. Sorry kid, no counter for that.

  • Lightspeed

    Actually, this is at Disney World and they do it every day. It’s called Jedi Academy and it is right outside of the Star Tours attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. They take like 14 kids at a time, “train” them to use a lightsaber, then Darth Vader and Storm Troopers show up to disrupt the whole thing. Each kid then gets a crack at Vader. We were just there in February.

  • Bad Acid

    Would have been epic if he outstretched his arm and made that claw stance with his hand, and someone in the audience threw it back to him.

  • Bad Acid is a genius.

  • jaromir

    Reminds me of that video that was posted just a few days ago….”now aim into the air, purposefully missing your opponent.”

  • Pijus

    Um.. don’t think Vader can shoot lightning. Something about metal limbs conducting the wrong way…

  • Nick D Pags

    I don’t understand why the kid ducked.

  • Rich

    Now what?…Force choke-hold of course.

  • JZ

    i thougth he was deflecting a laser

  • McRich

    ….Darth Vader was obviously doing the lightsaber boomerang move…..obviously… >_>