Weekly Movie Rec: The Midnight Meat Train

I wanted to do a horror film for this week’s movie recommendation, but I had trouble figure out which was one that many of you probably hadn’t seen, and was still worthwhile. There are waaay too many torture heavy horror films out there today, and I wanted to choose something that breaks from that mold. And Midnight Meat Train certainly does that.

Yes, laugh at the title. It’s hard to deny it doesn’t sound like a very strangely titled porno. But once you get all the dirty thoughts out of your head, you can process that the film revolves around a late night subway car that takes unsuspecting passengers to an unexpected destination with Vinnie Jones as their tour guide.

Jones is Mahogany, yet another character where the actor doesn’t say a word the whole movie. He’s brutal,¬†efficient¬†and mysterious and Bradley Cooper plays a photographer who spots his misdeeds, and gets wrapped up in the saga of the Meat Train, wanting to uncover its secrets.

This movie goes in a direction you will absolutely not expect. A lot of horror movies have twists, but I can’t recall any offhand that take stranger turns than this one. If you’re a fan of the genre, this is one entry you absolutely should check out.


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