Weekly Movie Rec: Dear Zachary

Alright, I’ve got to preface this week’s recommendation with a warning. This is without a doubt one of the saddest movies you will ever see, and viewing it is a physically tough experience, and you might not even get through it.

But that said, I absolutely think it’s worth watching, and if you can manage it, it’s an incredibly emotional tale that deserves to be heard. The title, Dear Zachary, is in reference to the fact that this movie is a letter to a son whose father was murdered when he was too young to remember him. His friend started making the film so when he grew up, he could still know his father in some capacity, and see how much he loved him.

The documentary is an ongoing process however, as during the course of filming, there are some¬†significant¬†events that occur, which make the film even more profound. Yes, all of this is very true, and very sad, but I think it’s a story that needed to be told, and you won’t ever watch another film or documentary quite like it. I still to this day remember the pit that this movie created in my stomach, and I guarantee no matter who you are, this film will reach you on an emotional level whether you want it to or not.


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