We All Didn’t Understand Sucker Punch

I’m a fairly opinionated person. I sort of have to be to have a job where people actually show up to listen to my opinions on various topics. But with that said, I like to hear conflicting viewpoints on topics that I feel strongly about.

For example, I hate Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, despite liking all of his previous work. “Hate” might not even be putting it mildly. I can’t stand it, and it was far and away the worst movie I saw that year, despite the fact that it was aimed directly at my demographic. You know, the type that likes slow motion action sequences with hot ladies. But it was just too dumb to function.

But was it? Slashfilm’s Adam Quigley doesn’t seem to think so. In the video above  he examines the “hidden meaning” of the film that most of us missed. Whether you buy his take or not, it’s certainly interesting, and if I could force my eyes to endure it, I might actually consider watching the film again with this in mind.