Watch the $10 Million Superman Returns Opening that Was Cut for Obvious Reasons


Perhaps I should go back and watch Superman Returns again, but I think it speaks to the film’s quality that I had no desire to ever go and do just that. It was so…unimpressive that I never felt a need to revisit it, despite seeing other superhero films like X-Men, Spider-Man or The Dark Knight multiple times over.

It was just so dull, and I learned today that it might have been even duller if Bryan Singer got his way. What you’re about to watch is the original intro for the film which cost $10M worth of CGI to render, only to be scrapped because it was just so painfully dull. In the clip, Superman travels to Krypton in a magic spaceship. Why a magic spaceship? I don’t know. I figure he wouldn’t have powers because of a red sun, but then the green kryptonite hurts him anyway. He finds nothing but rocks, and a giant Superman symbol that is large enough where it makes absolutely no sense as to why it’s there. I thought it was maybe supposed to be the title credits for the movie, but that would be equally ridiculous.

Anyway, this should have been cut from the drawing board, and not actually been fully rendered and waste this much cash. Sorry African kids, we know that money could have fed your for three liftetimes, but we needed to make this shitty intro to this crappy movie.

  • bud the chud

    Does anyone know what the heck he brought back from space and buried in his parents farm?

  • Postal

    The entire scene felt as if it was from a different movie. And it was indeed pretty dull. The carved “S” was absurd.

    I can’t believe that cost $10 million. I can’t believe it cost $1 million. It was just some crystal landscapes. Maybe someone knows the answer to this… where does the money in the CGI process actually go?

  • silly_sad_machine

    That was so dull that I quit watching it after 2 minutes. At 3 minutes I was afraid I would have the random impulse to ram something into my eye, just to see if my cornea was strong enough to repel it.

  • Lt. Brannigan

    That was completely pointless, we learned nothing whatsoever from that clip. Also it felt a lot like something from the first Star Trek movie.

  • Well it does show why he crashed on the farm in a giant ice comet. I was wondering what the hell that was about. And for the record….
    A REAL ESTATE SCHEME? That was Luther’s big plan? Really dude? Really? Your “continent” was so dense what the hell was it going to be used for? You can’t plant anything on it. You can’t build anything on it. Oh wait…a giant trailer park with above ground plumbing. Dumb dummy head.

  • scowlie

    I am surprised that BBC didn’t sue Superman over the spaceship design. The thing is too close to the Racnoss Webship…

  • Diva D

    I forget how much people love to hate on this movie. I actually like it quite a bit, though this intro suffers from not really having a clear task at hand. What is Superman looking for? Does he find it? Maybe there were some other deleted scenes that would have fed into this subplot, but as it is it feels lacking.

    Certainly not enough to warrant damaging ones eyes over, though. Or really even getting mad about, I’d say.

    Also, the money went towards the employment of a bunch of people, I imagine. It’s not like they just lit it on fire.

    I know that hyperbole is the default mode of the internet, but every now and then it gets on my nerves more than usual. One other thing about Superman Returns – my opinion aside, I can see how someone would think it’s a bloated, indulgent movie with some outstanding flaws. But it’s hard to deny that it seems to be a labor of love for the creative team behind it, which to me would soften the blow a bit.

    Well-intentioned silliness is way better than something like… oh, I’ll guess The Smurfs, which seems to be a naked cash-grab piggybacking off the current trend of clumsily reanimating the dead corpses of 1980s-era cartoons. Just my two cents.

    *puts away soapbox*

  • @Diva D

    Absolutely and bravo! People don’t like the film, which is fine. But to say it’s bad is just poor taste and judgment.

  • Charlie

    This scene could’ve been interesting if he’d brought Lois along or something. Characters need someone to talk to. And then the entire plot of the movie could’ve been changed to something less boring than the actual plot, like “Superman returns to Krypton to find it in ruins. Bummed, he goes back to Earth, little knowing that something (Brainiac) came back with him”.

  • michael

    Superman is my favorite superhero, and you know what, Superman Returns is my favorite superhero film. The casting was great (aside from Lois), the effects were grand and spectacular, as were the themes and characters, and the story was very heartfelt.
    I can see why some people don’t like it, but I don’t think it deserves the vitriol that oozes out of every forum whenever it’s mentioned.

  • JohnC

    “Well-intentioned silliness is way better than something like… oh, I’ll guess The Smurfs, which seems to be a naked cash-grab piggybacking off the current trend of clumsily reanimating the dead corpses of 1980s-era cartoons. Just my two cents.”

    I must agree on the Smurfs thing.

    But I don’t see the silliness in Superman Returns or this intro vid. Both are really dry and coarse, and kinda incongruent to the main Man of Steel lexicon that I grew up with. I think that’s the biggest issue; it claims to be a film about Superman, but it doesn’t feel like one.
    But your right Diva D, the hate for this movie is overplayed.

  • stokes

    So, Superman’s flying a giant star off of a Christmas Tree?

  • Alex

    And that’s why you don’t let fanboys make movies about their obsession.

  • KC

    Well said, Diva D. I thought the scene was a cool, NEW idea around the story at least as it pertains to the movie renditions of Supes. The movie was an ok one – definitely not the worst superhero movie I’ve seen (*cough* Daredevil, Catwoman *cough*); but yes, there are those that hate b/c the masses hate, and it’s cool to have the same opinion as the masses. This movie was not “Fast and the Furious”, so the people with the short attention spans who need things to blow up every 3 seconds obviously would loathe this scene. For those of us who just like to absorb every Superman – the true fan who can still appreciate the effort and intention behind the ideas, even the bad ones – we say keep this kind of thing coming.

  • Matthew Cotten

    You Guys do know the “S” is a sigal and has nothing to do with the name superman?