Watch the $10 Million Superman Returns Opening that Was Cut for Obvious Reasons


Perhaps I should go back and watch Superman Returns again, but I think it speaks to the film’s quality that I had no desire to ever go and do just that. It was so…unimpressive that I never felt a need to revisit it, despite seeing other superhero films like X-Men, Spider-Man or The Dark Knight multiple times over.

It was just so dull, and I learned today that it might have been even duller if Bryan Singer got his way. What you’re about to watch is the original intro for the film which cost $10M worth of CGI to render, only to be scrapped because it was just so painfully dull. In the clip, Superman travels to Krypton in a magic spaceship. Why a magic spaceship? I don’t know. I figure he wouldn’t have powers because of a red sun, but then the green kryptonite hurts him anyway. He finds nothing but rocks, and a giant Superman symbol that is large enough where it makes absolutely no sense as to why it’s there. I thought it was maybe supposed to be the title credits for the movie, but that would be equally ridiculous.

Anyway, this should have been cut from the drawing board, and not actually been fully rendered and waste this much cash. Sorry African kids, we know that money could have fed your for three liftetimes, but we needed to make this shitty intro to this crappy movie.


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