Watch Moon on YouTube. For Free. Legally. Right Now

Update: I think this is US only because who the hell knows why.

I’m not sure what sort of crazy experiment is going on right now over at YouTube, but they’ve decided that not enough people have seen Duncan Jones’ sci-fi masterpiece Moon (and they’re right). As such, you can now watch the ENTIRE movie on YouTube for free.

Granted there’s limited commercial interruption which sort of kills the mood, like trying to watch Schindler’s List on TNT when there are Schticky ads every ten minutes, but it’s still better than nothing. Well, it’s not technically better than piracy, but at least you don’t have to feel bad about it.

Click the link above to kill 90 minutes of your workday. It really is a fantastic film, I promise. Sam Rockwell got screwed out of an Oscar nom as he carries the entire movie on his back.

  • T Bone Wilson

    This isn’t available outside the US! YOU SCREWED ME, TASSI!

  • Hi

    The fact that the director is David Bowie’s son actually makes it a better movie. In my opinion with Moon and Source Code, he already lives up to his father.

  • Such a good movie.

  • Levits

    Feel bad about piracy? Why?

  • Belmorn

    a great movie, and a great initiative to put it legally online…
    but unfortunately only in the US 🙁

    i dont understand that restriction

  • I guess you have more readers outside the US (that you don’t acknowledge) than you thought..

  • Paddy-o

    Yup, Germany’s not on the have-a-free-look-list as I can tell 😉

    I guess because they have no ads booked outside the US, so nobody is paying for those views.
    Damn shame.

  • Bad Acid

    ^^^ How could he know it doesn’t work outside the US when it works for him, being in the US? I’m sure he knows a lot of his fans are international, but it’s not his job to stay updated on copyright law for every work posted on youtube. Christ, you sound conceited.

  • Bad Acid

    also, that was a reply to Mihai, not you Paddy-o

  • WTF is this country restriction bullshit, don’t they know that people who really want to see it just get a US proxy….


  • Sara C.

    This is seriously one of the greatest sci-fi movies I’ve ever seen. Kevin Spacey was also great as the robot GERTY. I thought he really nailed showing emotion by not being able to show emotion. He was like the anti HAL 9000.

  • MrPirate

    For a concept junkie, this film was perfect. Except for the awful acting by Rockwell and aura of crap that radiated out from my screen as I watched it, it was decent.

  • Mr Jim

    Google chrome/Firefox extensions should have something to clear up the ads.

  • Tonyctitan

    Why can’t I watch this from my iPad?

  • Cody

    Only available in US eh? Oh no, if only there were some sort of fast and free way to watch it elsewhere.

  • @Bad Acid: you have a point, although that’s not exactly what I said. In all fairness, he does have a very US-centric feel to his articles.
    On topic: I’m glad to have seen this movie already, it’s one of my favorites.

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  • ganung

    If you live outside the US, try proxtube

  • kendon81

    Damn…… least i got this on DVD but was seriously disappointed when i checked the youtube channel and saw the anime and other movies and that you cant view outside the US……. 🙁

  • ducky

    have you people never heard of proxies?

    Just lookup any open proxies, add proxy to your browser. Watch youtube. The end.