War Machine Concept Art Needs Some Work


That’s the saddest little gatling gun I’ve ever seen.

Here’s some recently dug up concept art that Phil Saunders did for the original Iron Man film before it was decided that War Machine wouldn’t actually be making an appearance.

But rumor has it that Iron Man’s colorless cousin will have a larger role in the sequel, even though Terrence Howard has been unceremoniously booted off the project and replaced by Don Cheadle.

I remember War Machine as “Blue Iron Man” when I used him in Marvel vs. Capcom for the original Playstation. I also remember him looking a hell of a lot cooler than this in 2-D with imposing armor plating and gun barrels poking out of every orifice. Check out two other suit variations after the jump. The underwater one is just awkward. Hopefully they’ll shape things up before he makes his big screen debut in 2010.

war_machine_2 war_machine_3

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