Want to Own a Piece of Movie History? Slumdog Millionaire Kid for Sale


Yes, this is actually happening. Rubina Ali (the littlest girl from Slumdog Millionaire) is being put up for adoption by her evil overlord father, Rafiq Qureshi, for $300,000. His rationale?

“I have to consider what’s best for me, my family and Rubina’s future… We’ve got nothing out of this film.”

You know, I have to say, if your father is trying to sell you for cash, you probably should be placed in some better living conditions with a family who can afford to pay $300,000 for a kid. But secondly, if this guy’s saying he has “nothing,” don’t you think he’s being a bit greedy? I mean, I’m not incredibly well versed in Indian economics but I’m guessing $300K there would probably make you ruler of your province or something.

So yeah, this is super ****ed up, and hopefully Danny Boyle will let this kid come live at one of his six mansions or something.

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