Crappy Must See Movie of the Week: Walk Like a Man

Give that last week’s recommendation featured Howie Mandel I realized that just about every movie he’s been in warranted consideration for the “Crappy Must See Movie of the Week” column we so covet on this site.

So this week I decided to select Walk Like a Man.   This has got to be one of the dumbest movies yet one you really have to see just to say you saw it.  Here’s a quick little synopsis for ya:  “Boy raised by wolves is reunited with his real family.”

Yup, that’s the plot.   What you don’t see in the plot is Howie Mandel acting like a K-9 for the majority of the movie and the “comedy” that is supposed to ensue.   How Christopher Lloyd and Cloris Leechman signed on to do this film is a mystery to me.   Then again, it’s a perfect dumb 80s movie for you to curl up and see on a rainy day this summer.

Check out the awful trailer after the jump….


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention his name is Bobo.

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