Vote Christina Hendricks for ‘Barbarella’


There is now an unofficial grassroots movement brewing among movie blogs to propel Mad Men and Firefly goddess Christina Hendricks into the titular role of Barbarella. Recently, THR ran a poll asking readers who should be cast as the space vixen. They mention all the usual choices, ScarJo, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and (ugh) Lindsay Lohan.

But over at CHUD, Devin Faraci made the rather brilliant suggestion of putting Ms. Hendricks in the role, and as you can see, she’s already halfway there in real life as certain parts of her already seem to defy gravity. Sure, she’s more unknown than anyone on THR’s list, but surely no one with a pair of eyes can argue that she’s drop dead perfect for the role, so long as the jiggling can be kept to an appropriate degree.

So call your congressman, and get this going. Christina, know that you have the full support of Unreality, which has often been known to be the deciding vote on these kind of things.


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