Voldemort Hugs Draco Uncut


Out of all the classic moments that populate the final battle at Hogwarts, the latest Harry Potter film created a few new ones that weren’t in the book, and will stick with me ahead of the others.

By far, the most hilariously awkward moment of the film (besides Harry and Ginny’s kiss) was during Voldemort’s victory party where he decided to give Draco Malfoy a bony hug. It was supposed to be a solemn scene, but made everyone in the theater burst out laughing with how out of character and strange it was, and I still say it was a misstep on the part of the film.

But now we can see how that scene COULD have been, with this extended version that turns up the awkward dial to eleven. Watch it for yourself above.

  • That was pretty great.

  • joe

    It made me kinda randy.

  • Gank

    An inspired moment by Fiennes. Not a misstep to the least.

  • Adam

    For one, Voldemort can’t stand to touch or to be touched. For second, that scene wasn’t in the book and I’m glad it wasn’t.

  • rhemas

    Um, thats disturbing, good thing he was wearing black lol