Virtual Backlot Reel Shows Greenscreen Has Come a Long Way


One of our favorite readers, Lagrange, sent this in last night, and it was a lot damn cooler than I thought it would be so I’m posting it up for all of you to enjoy. Greenscreen technology has been around for decades now, but lately its evolved to the point where its prevelantly used in movies and in TV shows, but we don’t even know it.

Check out this video, which shows scenes that have been filmed in front of a greenscreen, and I guarantee you would never have guessed most of them ever used the tech. Usually you think of big sci-fi epics like Avatar and Transformers being filmed on a lot or in a warehouse, but no, even Ugly Betty has scenes filled entirely in a virtual studio. I guess it’s cheaper than getting the permits to film in downtown NYC right?

  • IcemanD

    That was a really cool video. You tend to take the background for granted. I just assumed most of this stuff was filmed on location. I will watch TV in a whole different light now.

  • MacGyver1138

    That’s a big surprise to me, and I usually think I’m able to spot a lot of camera and effects trickery. I suppose when it’s as effective as it has become, this is a cheaper way of filming. I wonder how the actors and actresses feel about it, though. I would think this would be more difficult to act against than real sets.

  • you should take more often a look at

    there are lots of cool videos and this one was posted weeks ago^^

  • Bryan

    The biggest improvement has been the edge blur reduction between the real set and the green screen. Remember back about 10 years ago when it was obvious it was green screened by the thick black outline of the people?

    Also, the CGI has gotten to near-photorealistic to realistic (depending on budget) so it blend with the real film smoothly.

    It was really interesting how they used greenscreen in some of those clips. Some had full background, some had just bits here and there in the background. And they did all look seemless!

    And to think I thought Babylon 5 was the shnizzle way back then! (OK, back then it was 🙂 )