Viral Promotion Gone Right: Telekinetic Coffee Shop Girl

In an upcoming promotion for the Carrie remake, a team of clever viral marketers decided to orchestrate a pretty amazing prank. They rigged up patrons, furniture and decorations to all move by themselves, but made it look like they’re being controlled by a very, very angry girl with telekinetic powers which manifest after she gets coffee spilled on her. A guy flies up a wall, tables and chairs move and books fly off shelves, causing the unaware prankeees to understandably flip their shit.

I was going to feature this video anyway because it’s that damn awesome, but then I learned that Unreality’s own TJ Fink was a part of this. He’s the dude in the back with his laptop who eventually gets trapped by sliding tables and chairs and has to constantly act surprised. TJ has sort of an awesome life, I’ve come to realize.

I don’t know if I’m going to go see Carrie now because of this, but if more commercials were this clever, we’d all hate advertising a lot less.


  1. Lucas October 8, 2013
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