Vader Finds a Soulmate

Darth Vader isn’t evil, he’s just lonely, and I feel like if he had someone to share his Executor-class Star Destroyer with, he might have been a great deal happier.

Sure, making out would prove difficult, and neither of them are probably particularly pretty without their suits on, but true love is blind, and Lady Vader might have made Darth want to vacation to Alderaan rather than destroy it.

  • Lubz

    Wasn’t it the Grand Moff who ordered the destruction of Alderann?

  • I don’t know. Lady Vader looks pretty well put together.

  • kenyon

    yeah lady vador could joke me anytime

  • Cal

    I dont know about a vacation. Behind every bloodthirsty and unforgiving tyrant there’s probably an even worse mate telling him “good job babe!”

  • Marc

    I guess… We have to call her Darth Moeder…

  • Ewj

    the suit definitely seems to fit her better..

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