Up Trailer Further Proves Pixar Can Make a Movie about Anything


Trying to comprehend Pixar’s success can make your head explode. They’re literally one of the only companies, film or otherwise, who can take any concept, and turn it into profit. So far we’ve had talking toys, talking bugs, talking monsters, talking cars, talking fish, talking rats and (kind of) talking robots. But with Up, Pixar is making only their second leap into “talking humans,” with the first venture being The Incredibles (one of my favorite Pixar productions to date).

Judging from the trailer, Up is about an old man who hates everyone, so he ties ten thousand balloons to his house and leaves the planet. Unfortunately he finds that he’s stuck with a chubby boy scout that had the misfortune of being on his porch at the time of the launch. Well, there’s the concept, step two = ??? and as we all know step three = profit. The “???” in almost every case is brilliant imagery and engaging writing, so I’m sure Up will be great, despite the absurdity of premise. I’ve learned to stop being skeptical of Pixar a long time ago.

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  1. Fred January 30, 2009

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