Unreality’s World Exclusive Interview with Avatar Tattoo Guy

You all know him, and don’t fully understand him. We’ve featured him for months on the site now, his love for Avatar’s Neytiri growning ever more since that film’s release. His dedication has led him to EIGHT Avatar tattoos on his back, seven of which are of Neytiri, and the question has always been “why?” Why? He’s Avatar Tattoo Guy! That’s why.

Well, recently I discovered that the man himself reads our site, and follows our coverage of his tattoo progress. Gleaning his e-mail address from his comments, I decided to ask him if he’d talk a little about Avatar, internet fame, total fan devotion and of course, the lovely Neytiri.

His answers? Well, they’re what you might expect coming from a man with eight tattoos of a fictional alien woman on his back, but he doesn’t care what you think about him. And if you think he’s hopelessly in love with her, and can’t have a normal life, news flash, he’s actually married with a daughter.

Check out the full interview below, along with new exclusive pics that show his Neytiri devotion extends beyond his skin. I thought it best to preserve his answers in their original form, so no spelling or grammar edits have been made.

Meet Raymond Knowles, Avatar Tattoo Guy:

Unreality Magazine: So you currently have eight Avatar tattoos on your back, seven of them being Neytiri from the film. Why so much focus on her? What does she mean to you?

Avatar Tattoo Guy: It all started after the first time i seen the movie just when i first seen her NEYTIRI that is it was like love at first cite type of feeling .I can’t explain it but its a feeling one gettswell i plan on gettinng more done .  I still have more room for atleast 2 more on my back .It doesn’t matter in what scene of the movie she is in NEYTIRI just has that something that gets to me in a way that i cant explain .My wife thinks its the eyes and i think so also big and beautiful, her voice that accent . Its like some people say that the french accent is sexxy ,well that goes for me in reguards to neytiri . To me NEYTIRI is just simply BEAUTIFUL. Shes 9 feet tall,athletic,slenderand she can really handle herself when the going gets tough oh and did i meantion that blue is my favorite color( SEXXY BLUE ).

When i first saw the movie way back on the first day it came out i was hooked.I was in awww with everything the movie just blew me away just like the millions of other avatar fans .When i seen her ,NEYTIRI that is she was the most beautiful/sexxy creature/person i have ever seen that when i knew i wanted to get a tatttoo of her and then another an so on .I have devoted my skin , my truck and even have pictures of her all over the house.basically she is just BEAUTIFUL.

UM:  When did you learn that you’d become something of an internet celebrity for these tattoos? What was your reaction?

ATG: To be honest i was putting tattoos of her on my for me so show her off .It wasn,t until the third one that people from the avatar site that im into were telling me that i was getting popular around the internet.You know at first i was surprized. Over what—- some tattoos common .I didn’t believe it at first but as time went on more and more people were checking me out. Mind you 90% of the people who made comments ,well they were negative about what i have done but i dont care about all that, its me and my body so whatever. Even now with tat #8 and more to go and decals on my truck im being talked about everywhere  mostly on webs sites around the world ,even on locate radio stations in my city.I never thought that for something that was for me– to say hey -NEYTIRI is beautiful and this is how i feel about her.

UM: I believe I saw a wedding ring on your hand there. Are you married? If so, what does your wife think about all this? Or your other family and friends?

ATG: Yes i am married.Well at first my wife didnt like what i did .Now when i got the second one done she like it better than the first. After the third one well to be honest i cant remember what she said. For my friends and family there is mixed feelings of what im doing some love it and some hate it  as it is with everything .

UM: How many more tattoos do you think you’re going to get? If so, where? You’re running out of room. And would they be more Neytiri, or are you branching out?

ATG: I plan on getting atleast 2 more of NEYTIRI on my back.I’ve started back at the gym to lose those awful love handles so i can get them done on my lower back –left and right sides. After that im not sure ,at first i was going to do 7 of NEYTIRI portraits and then do the back grown so i would have any white left showing . I started thinking that if i started doing the back ground was worried that it would disstort the images of NEYTIRI and i didnt want that to happen so to quote a friend “it is what it is ” and more of her to follow. Yes im thinking of other things as well ,of what i have no idea yet ,people will just have to keep checking up with production i guess.

UM: How many times have you seen the movie to date? What about it makes you this dedicated to it?

ATG: I have seen the movie 18 times in the imax theatre and 3 times in regular theatre all in 3D of course and about 20 times at home ,just cant get enough . One of my friends said now what happens when all of a sudden im not into NEYTIRI and avatar any more and look back on what i have do to myself .The answer is well i’ll never stop loving the movie. Yes there is more to the movie than just NEYTIRI i know, there are things in the movie that is related to what we are doing to our own planet as what was going on on PANDORA. I shouldnt have to get into all that cause the message is plain and clear. Sorry for getting off track here ..I have explained why NEYTIRI means so much to me in earlier questions. What does she mean to me ,well outside my wife and my daughter is is my MISTRESS as my wife calls her and every time i want to see her i just have to look in the mirror.

Thanks to Raymond for talking to us and sending  these pictures. I say keep doing what makes you happy man, and we’ll keep reporting until your entire body is head to toe Neytiris if that’s what you so desire.


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