Unreality’s Hero of the Week: James Bond


Name: Bond, James Bond

Movie: Quantum of Solace

Occupation: Teacher on Sabbatical

Interests: Shaken martinis, destroying Aston Martins, sexual innuendo, one hit kills, being a lot grittier than he used to be

Dislikes: Long term relationships, shadowy corporations, finding dead girls in his bed (you’d be surprised how often that happens), wicker chairs

Why he’s our hero: Who the hell else could be our hero this week? Bond is back in Quantum of Solace where he hunts down those responsible for killing the girl he loved. I mean she totally meant nothing to him. Aw, is someone emotionally detached?

It’s odd how quickly Daniel Craig has become Bond. Growing up with Pierce Brosnan, I thought the switch would be jarring, but now he’s only Thomas Crown to me. Quantum has double the action, humor and sex appeal of Casino Royale, helped in part by the fact that there’s no hour long poker game in the middle.

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