Unreality Reader Cosplay: Heavily Armored Edition

I’ve received a number of responses since I featured some rather cool reader cosplay a few days ago, as what do you know, out of three million readers there are some damn good costumes among you.

Today’s gallery is courtesy of our new friend Collin who proves the rule that for every girl wearing skimpy outfits in the cosplay world, there’s a guy who makes and wears hugely badass sets of armor, which is the satisfying equivalent.

Yes, that’s him in the Master Chief get-up above, and he’s got plenty more where that comes from. His outfits other than this one include Predator, Vader and Iron Man, and he’s assembled them either through kits or by hand. Check out the rest of his work below, and keep sending your own costumes to paul@unrealitymag.com.

(guy holding giant gun is Collin)


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