Unreal Poll: What Should I Be For Halloween?


It’s getting down to crunch time for Halloween costume planning, and I’m being so indecisive about it, I thought I’d turn to you guys for help. Here are my three movie-themed options:

1) Gabriel from Legion

Pros: Looks awesome, especially if I get big black wings. Everyone will know what I am, even if they don’t know what Legion is.

Cons: Wings are hard to move around in, and this whole thing would be pretty damn expensive.

2) Japanese seventh grader from Battle Royale

Pros: Amazing movie, easy assembly, and I already have a samurai sword and shotgun.

Cons: Hardly ANYone would understand this, only cool people. The collar would have to be made or bought online. Also, I’m not Asian.

3) Max from Mad Max

Pros: Have a jacket that’s pretty close. Have a toy sawed off shotgun. Have a few black leather belts

Cons: A lot of people won’t get this one either, they’ll just think I’m a leather daddy or something. Also, I don’t have leather pants, boots or a leg brace.

So these are the three options I’m considering right now. Feel free to chime in your thoughts, as well as any more suggestions you may have. Whatever I end up being, I promise I’ll post pictures.

  • Lagrange

    I say #2

  • Lagrange

    mainly because you can wear a suit, also, it’s not so gay ^^

  • pb

    Yes go for the Nanahara outfit! Love the movie!

  • bangax2

    be terminator since you only got the leather jacket and shotgun. all you need is jeans and maybe some robot makeup for the face.

  • Arkitard

    Even though the wings would be expensive and cumbersome, the Legion costume would still be pretty bad ass, and so it gets my vote.


    Is that middle guy the dude who played Light in Death Note?

  • Ashik

    Nobodies seen legion yet…#2 doesn’t look enough like a costume…Mad Max is the bomb, but good luck finding all that leather! and you’d have to pull off the accessories.

  • chelsea

    DEFINITELY Legion. It’s the only one that IS a costume and the only one that can’t really be mistaken for anything else.

    my boyfriend is going as Macho Man Randy Savage and i am going as T-Pain… (mind you, i am a white girl so this is going to take a lot of effort)…

    whatever you do, don’t half-ass it.

  • Fabbyfubz

    Mad Max, but you have to carry a sawn-off shotgun.

    Also, Legion looks like a stupid movie.

  • Madison

    You definitely don’t want wings, dude. It’ll be so fucking cumbersome. I vote for Mad Max.

  • WhatItIs

    Mad Max would look pretty gay to me. The asian kid would be easy to pull off and with a sword and a shotgun how can u go wrong. the Legion one would be the best costume if you can pull it off and i think the wings cumbersomeness would add a level of hilarity to the night while walking around you will most likely hit multiple people in the face with the wings. Sooooo if you think you would get a kick out of hitting everyone in the face with your wings as i would i’d go with Legion if not go with the Asian kid……. even if people dont understand what it is (i wouldnt) people will be inclined to ask you what you are maybe getting more chicks to ask you about it??

  • Just a thought, but if you go as “Gabriel” it will be very difficult to sit down, though you’d look damn cool. AND Chelsea is right, it’s the only costume that can’t be mistaken for anything else. AND since the movie is not yet out there is a good chance no one else will be wearing the same thing.

    Just make sure there is a bar stool to sit on, something with out a back, so your wings won’t get in the way.

  • jeff

    How would you even begin that legion costume? Where would you get parts for something like that. It gets my vote.

  • Penny

    I don’t get what’s up with the Mad Max looking gay thing. The other guy’s got the emo angel in a skirt thing going on and the japanese kid’s got bloody PIGTAILS. I don’t actually think any of these look “gay”. Gay is sparkly and in a tutu. These are just whimsical fashion statements. And who cares anyway? It’s halloween, not prom.

    I vote for Max. With the toy gun and all it’s hardcore goodness.

  • Dude

    Battle Royal:

    And here is why… chicks will see it come up to you and ask what is your costume of ? And you will say just this movie battle Royale … and (THIS PART IS IMPORTANT) you will not speak anymore about that movie! I repeat don’t speak with girls about Battle Royal.

    And here is why:

    The other night me and my friend were at this party with some girls we just met. My friend got wasted in first 40 mins and he was just trying not to fall a sleep. I spent 30 mins talking with this girl about South Korean movies, she loves them, I love them… we were connecting on so many geek levels it was amazing. Next thing she went into the kitchen and started kissing with my wasted friend (she didn’t even talk to him before that). I just sat there and enjoyed the irony and wondered what God will think of next.

    Moral of the story:

    Don’t speak about geek stuff with girls (even if they are geeky) ever, because strong silent type always gets a girl.

  • mick

    I think you should draw up a new list…. and include big bird 😉

  • Cam

    DOOD! Head over to INDY MOGUL.
    They’ve got a tutorial to do really cheap demon wings that could easily be adapted to angel wings.

  • no phone or car

    I should be the school teacher, just sweat pants, shirt, and a TV remote that can kill you… DING

  • I say go with #2 and just add the addition of blood on the suit (If you don’t mind ruining it to an extent) or on the polo at that and so even if people don’t get it they do see how it can work with Halloween. And more people have seen Battle Royale then you expect I think

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