Unreal Poll: What Should I Be For Halloween?


It’s getting down to crunch time for Halloween costume planning, and I’m being so indecisive about it, I thought I’d turn to you guys for help. Here are my three movie-themed options:

1) Gabriel from Legion

Pros: Looks awesome, especially if I get big black wings. Everyone will know what I am, even if they don’t know what Legion is.

Cons: Wings are hard to move around in, and this whole thing would be pretty damn expensive.

2) Japanese seventh grader from Battle Royale

Pros: Amazing movie, easy assembly, and I already have a samurai sword and shotgun.

Cons: Hardly ANYone would understand this, only cool people. The collar would have to be made or bought online. Also, I’m not Asian.

3) Max from Mad Max

Pros: Have a jacket that’s pretty close. Have a toy sawed off shotgun. Have a few black leather belts

Cons: A lot of people won’t get this one either, they’ll just think I’m a leather daddy or something. Also, I don’t have leather pants, boots or a leg brace.

So these are the three options I’m considering right now. Feel free to chime in your thoughts, as well as any more suggestions you may have. Whatever I end up being, I promise I’ll post pictures.