Unquestionably the Biggest Harry Potter Fan Alive


Alright, so I’m sure many of you were excited about the new Harry Potter movie that came out this weekend, as was I, as I’m not too proud to admit I’ve been a big fan of the series since I started reading the books close to a decade ago.

But there’s a difference between “big fan” and “insane die-hard crazy person” which this guy most definitely is. He made this video to prove himself in some Moviefone contest looking for America’s biggest Potter fan. Between looking exactly like him and adopting a reasonably good English accent and wallpapering his room with Potter shit, I think we have a winner hands down.

Why do I find this somewhat OK, but if this were a girl pretending to be Bella with her walls coated in Twilight I would be massively creeped out? Oh because those books are horrifically terrible and are based around the dual concepts of pedophilia and bestiality. RIGHT.


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