10 Unintentionally Hilarious 80’s Action Movie Villains


As if 80s action movies aren’t funny enough.  When you actually break them down piece by piece you can appreciate how truly humorous they are.  From the ridiculous plots (one man taking on an entire army is the plot of at least 5 of these types of films) to amazingly cheezy one liners, to sex scenes that are just stupid, 80s action movies rule.

Another great element from these flicks?  Clearly it’s the villain.  And as funny as the plots are, the villains give these movies that extra spice needed to put it over the unintentional humor top.

Here are 10  unintentionally hilarious 80s action movie villians

Ice Man in Top Gun


The sheer unintentional gayness in this movie puts Val Kilmer way up there.  The biting of the teeth.  The classic “playing with the boys” volleyball scene.  The list goes on.  Ice Man is THE man. “I heard that about you, you like to work alone.”

Lt. Col Podovsky in Rambo: First Blood Part II


“Yushin!”  This guy was awesome.  Mr. Badass Russian essentially trying to act badass the entire film even though he’s a complete wuss.

Bennett in Commando


I’ve never seen a villain dress that much like Freddy Mercury and not play a homosexual in a movie.  Bennett is the epitome of unintentional humor.  Not to mention this is the same guy who played “Lord” in Weird Science.  The faces he makes during the fight scene are incredible.  And come on!  Like this guy could take Schwarzenegger?

Clarence Boddicker in Robocop


Played by That 70s Show’s Kurtwood Smith, Boddicker was the classic insensitive “I don’t care about anything” villain.  Maybe the torture scene was intended to be serious but I thought it was hilarious.  Not to mention when he kills Robert Morton.  Boddicker was awesome.

Hans Gruber in Die Hard


Seriously, what’s NOT awesome about Hans Gruber?  His accent.  The scene when he uses an American accent.  And of course his seen with Harry Ellis, although Ellis clearly steals the show there.

Chong Li in Bloodsport

Chong Li

“You are next!”  If this picture isn’t funny enough then I got nothing for ya.

General Zod in Superman II


“Planet Hooston.”  Terrence Stamp is the man.  I’m pretty sure a lot of his humor was intentional.  However, even when he’s serious it’s funny as hell.

Captain Freedom in Running Man


Jesse Ventura!  Need I say more?

Dae Han in Best of the Best

Dae Han

Well, he was funny until Tommy knocks his eye patch off.

And of course – THIS GUY


Wow.  Double wow.

*Honorable mention to Tong Po but I couldn’t mention two Jean Claude Van Damme movies in one shot.