Six Awesome Unintentionally Funny Action Movies

If there’s one thing I enjoy about being 31 years old it’s the fact that I got to witness first hand the amazing explosion of 80s and early 90s action movies.  Movies that in some cases were so awful that they were incredible.

The unnecessary violence, the steroids, the cheesy lines, and about 600 other things that I hold dear.   Today I want to focus on six films in particular that epitomized cheese and unintentional comedy

Enjoy the picks (as well as trailers for these movies) below……

Stone Cold


This low budget action movie stars Brian Bosworth and is among the funniest action movies ever made. The director did nothing right with the film and the scenes meld into each other because they are all equally atrocious and mind-numbing.  Oh yeah, did we mention Brian Bosworth?  Come on.  This is hilarious.  The funny thing about this movie is that there was actually decent acting talent in it.  William Forsythe and Lance Henrickson were in it.



I’ve already dedicated an entire article to this movie.  It was in our “Crappy but awesome movie recommendation of the Week” segment.  I mean virtually any movie with Van Damme kind of takes the cake as far as unintentionally funny action movies but I would say that Bloodsport certainly takes the cake.



It’s almost impossible to not include an Arnold movie in this list.  I would have put Running Man in here but I’m pretty sure that movies lines were supposed to be that dumb that they’d be funny.  At least I hope that’s what the writers were going for.  In Commando the one dumb line after another was definitely not intentional thus making this movie even better.

Death Wish 3


Pick a Wish, any wish.   This Death Wish definitely deserves the cake.  Why?  The first one is a cult classic and has a great indy feel.  The second one is still kind of an oldish movie and not a horrible follow up to the first.  This one?  This one has so much violence and frankly bullshit that it’s basically a joke.

Delta Force 2:  The Colombian Connection


You didn’t think we’d forget Chuck Norris now did you?  Why the sequel?  Because the first one wasn’t really that bad of a movie.  But this one?  I mean when you put “The Colombian Connection” in the title you know you’re in for some serious cheese.

Tough and Deadly


I nearly put Showdown in here as my Billy Blanks pick but I’m just not sure it was “actiony” enough.  Tough and Deadly is the story of a CIA agent who loses his memory.  And then he befriends Roddy Piper.  OK, I’m stopping right there.  If you don’t think this movie is going to be pure entertainment and laughter then you are just flat out wrong.


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