Unforgiven: The Japanese are Remaking Our Movies Now? Is That Allowed?

Well damn, I’m so used to the US remaking foreign movies all the time, I didn’t realize that other countries ever actually did it to us. It appears the Japanese think that Clint Eastwood’s starring/directing vehicle Unforgiven would work great in old-school Japan, and Ken Watanabe is a good stand-in for Eastwood himself.

The first trailer for the movie is above, and though I can’t find a version with subtitles, if you’ve seen the film, you get the gist of it. Badass is called out of retirement to do badass things.

Watanabe is awesome, and I look forward to watching a foreign remake of an American film for a change.

  • XenoIrish

    Seems fitting, many westerns were remakes of Kurosawa’s films.

  • Jake

    “Is that allowed?” lol for unintentional racism!

  • Japanese: This is how a remake is done Americans!! Now, stop remaking Asian films into horrible western adaptations.

  • 53

    Well yeah, why not? I’d love to see a foreign remake of Nolan’s Batman Begins, or Memento. Or a foreign remake of The Terminator. Or any movie. And then to take those remakes and then for Merica to make a remake of those remakes. It just makes sense.

  • Zhang Yimou remade the Coen Brothers’ Blood Simple, and there is an anime remake of The Highlander that kicks all sorts of ass. I heard they did a Paranormal Activity over there as well so it’s not unprecedented.