Eight Awesome Trippy Scenes in Otherwise Non Trippy Movies

Superman 3

Some movies are intended solely for the purpose of weirding out the viewer.  Personally I don’t think those movies are any good.  But on a lower scale some movies are intended to be out there within the context of still being great movies with great stories and acting.  Those movies tend to kick ass.  You know, your movies like Fear and Loathing or The Doors and a bunch more.

But then there are movies that are your “normal” movies that contain scenes that are otherwise very very weird.  And it’s like they come out of nowhere.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of these types of scenes but I’ve chosen eight that are pretty cool.  If you guys know of any more, let’s get a discussion going.

Here are eight trippy scenes in otherwise non trippy movies

Superman 3 – Clark Kent Vs. Superman


In an otherwise horrendous movie, this scene is absolutely awesome.

Barbarella Meets Dildano


Seriously, what in the hell was that?

First Time Acid Trip – Bobby


Ashton Kutcher?  I had no idea.

A Very Brady Sequel


Greg gets a taste of Alice’s mushrooms

Midnight Cowboy Trip Scene


Jon Voight is digging the madness

The “Spec-Ta-Cular” Scene in American Beauty


One of my favorite movies of all time.  Plus I thought Mena Suvari was pretty hot in this.

Big Lebowski Gutterball Scene


Big Lebowski is definitely a stoner movie but I’m not sure I’d call it “trippy.”  This scene however, is quite trippy compared to the rest of the movie.

Zoolander Day Spa Scene


Some of Will Ferrell’s best work.


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