Trey Parker Talks South Park Movie Sequel


Trey Parker, co-creator of South Park, recently told the L.A. Times that he’d like to finish the series’ run with another movie:

“We talked about maybe some day doing a movie to sort of end it all, and that seems like the best idea,” Parker said. “That’s been a big thought to do the last show as a movie.”

But Parker says they wouldn’t consider making something for the big screen unless they had a really stellar idea. They had such an idea a couple years ago, but decided to use it for a series of episodes instead of holding it back for a motion picture.

It looks like if there is another South Park movie, it’s not going to be for awhile.  Still, the first movie was terrific, and if there’s a chance to see Randy Marsh and Butters on the big screen, count me in.  Every episode should have at least a cameo by Randy.  “Obama…you came and you gave without taking…”

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