Tonner Movie Dolls are the Perfect Creepy/Erotic Christmas Present


In case you’re wondering, this one is in the “creepy” category. 

I just stumbled upon these movie dolls from Tonner Doll Company which they’ve released just in time for you to give them to your soon-to-be sexually confused nieces and nephews for Christmas. The gallery of all the movie dolls is after the jump, you’ll be surprised at how much you want one.


Wonder Woman: Is this Golden Age Wonder Woman or something? I’m not digging the costume, although it does look shockingly Linda Carter-ish.


Voldemort: He looks like someone just told him his robes made him look fat.


Luna Lovegood: Really? You bothered to make a Luna Lovegood doll? That’d be like making a doll of Velma from Scooby Doo…


Oh, I see.


Lara Croft: Yeah, this one is definitely stirring some strange feeling. Good thing it’s not life size.


Will Turner: Because transgender Jack Sparrow needed someone to play with.


Elizabeth Swann: Must. Not. Buy. Creepy. To Think. Dolls. Are. Hot.

Well I think we’ve established what to get me for Unreality Secret Santa this year. I’m looking at you Madison!

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