This Week In Movie Trailers!


Welcome to Friday, also known as, This Week In Movie Trailers!

How was everyone’s week? I hope good. It’s still Freezing, it’s still January (almost done thank god), and it’s still a little slow in the movie trailer side of things. It’s not ALL bad news, however: this weekend is Super Bowl Sunday! And you know what that means? No, not football; movie trailers! So next week we will be able to get a small peak at some of the big releases for 2014. About time, huh?

Anyway, let’s move on to the regular, small releases we have been getting use to lately. Not that it’s a bad thing!

Knights Of Badassdom

Woa, great cast! I’ve never seen LARPing before in my life, but I kinda want to watch it now; it looks hilarious.This is trailer #3, but it’s the first preview I have seen so far. That said, this movie could definitely go either way, but I really want to check it out regardless!

A Million Ways To Die

Love that they had to show TED fake jerking off in a movie trailer that has nothing to do with TED. Marketing, man. Anyway, is this Seth McFarlane’s first feature film where he isn’t just doing a voice over? Kinda weird to see him as a lead. Not a fan of the guy, who doesn’t like watching Liam Neeson play an over-the-top bad guy?

Under The Skin

Ahhhhh! This .. is .. freaking .. me .. out! I am watching it as I am typing and I know something is going to happen. OK that’s an eye. Is it going to explode? OK good, it’s not. Now there’s some weird scene cutting going on. OK, I am sold. Will watch this. Next!

The Rover

This looks excellent and stars two very underrated actors: Robert Pattinson and ESPECIALLY Guy Pearce, one of my favorite actors. Hope this makes it to my city.

From Above

Hey, it’s Danny Glover. Also, what the HECK is going on in this trailer? Haha, oh well. There’s always next week. Speaking of which, see you then!


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