This Week In Movie Trailers!


Hey everyone, it’s This Week In Movie Trailers time!

This time of year always reminds me of how slow the first few months of the year are when it comes to entertainment releases like films and video games. But I guess that’s OK since we all deserve a break after … our holiday break! Trust me, you guys deserve it.

That being said, this week is full of relatively unknown movies (to me anyway, I never heard of any of them) and this trend will likely continue for the next several weeks. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since there are tons of good movies that go unheard of and there are certainly some listed below that I want to check out.

Very well, let’s get to it!


Shaft meets Kick Ass? I had to look up images and general information about this anime (I know nothing about anime) to see how close they followed the source material, and after further investigation, I have no idea. Looks interesting enough but probably will be horrible.

The Monkey King

Haha, Ooook! What else is there to say other than “Sold!”

Open Grave

This actually looks very good and I definitely want to check this out. Sharlto Copley is entertaining as usually to watch but it’s always a little weird hearing him with an American accent. I hope it gets a release in my city! (Probably won’t)

Summer in February

I WISH we had summer in February; do you know how cold it gets here during that month? Dear god. What is this “ru” in February anyway?  Oh, did we just watch a movie trailer? I forget.

Cheap Thrills

I am going to watch this weird ass movie.

Bad Words

Modern day Billy Madison? Not even close? Anyway, this movie looks hilarious and I love when Jason Bateman plays a funny ass hole, which is not very often.



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