This Week in Move Trailers!


Hey, guys. It’s This Week in Movie Trailers time!

Guess what? We are even closer to the holidays than we were last week at this time! Crazy! And like last week, we have some more long-awaited, highly anticipated films featured. A few high-concept sci-fi films, over-sized dinosaurs, an animated film about talking birds, and our old friend, NICK CAGE. What say you about these trailers? Sound in below!

Let’s get going!

Jupiter Ascending

Well, this looks neat and it’s definitely an interesting cast for this type of film. I will definitely be checking out this film when it hits theatres. I wonder how Sean Bean is going to die?

Edge Of Tomorrow

Well this looks boring, even with all those crazy special effect scenes. Didn’t Tom Cruise do this movie earlier this year?


Hey! I forgot about this film! I guess we can’t really tell how good or bad this movie is going to be based on how this teaser trailer was cut. But hey, what could go wrong? Right? I do think we are getting to the point where large-scale special effects are becoming more and more unimpressive. Remember when you actually felt that a huge monster on screen was actually … a huge monster and not just CG? I don’t.


Did I already mention that I don’t like Jesse Eisenberg? Especially his voice, which is featured in this movie? I probably did! That being said, I really have no opinion on this movie series because I didn’t watch the first one or even read any reviews about it. This will definitely be the case for the sequel as well, and to be honest, I only watched half of this trailer before I saw what I needed to see (I usually never do that). Moving on!


“Nicholas Cage: Academy Award Winner.” Haha! OK, well to be honest, I did forget that he won one of those things. I really don’t have anything against the guy, but I just thought it was funny seeing that. I don’t know why! Maybe because I’m crazy? Like this movie trailer that we just watched?

Earth to Echo

Sure! And no comment.



  • Rob

    Serious lack of quality control on this site these days when you cannot even check the title submission for errors.

  • Indy Z

    Maybe it was meant to be read like, “This Week In: Move, Trailers!”

  • Dan Hadley

    i don’t remember when when giant monsters weren’t cgi but i remember this website praising the Godzilla trailer a few posts, i’m all for bashing unnecessary CGI but when its a giant monster attacking a city, thats a quite a lot harder to pull off convincingly with miniatures and and a guy in a rubber suit, looked good in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s but not anymore