This is Happening Rocky Balboa vs. Jake La Motta


Sylvester Stallone is the king of “making movies about old people doing things old people are now theoretically too old to do,” as evidenced by his last Rocky, Rambo and Expendables films. But now he’s roping in Robert De Niro as well, and the two are going back to an old sport one last time.

The still above is from the set of “Grudge Match” a 2014 film where two aging boxers come out of retirement for a last fight, though I doubt they’re actually Balboa and La Motta from Rocky and Raging Bull respectively. I know that Stallone is permanently jacked as he probably has HGH running through his veins in place of blood, but De Niro? I had no idea he was still capable of something like this. He obviously isn’t Stallone beefy, but he seems to be in pretty damn good shape. For reference, Stallone is 66 while De Niro turns 70 this year. I genuinely hope no one dies before this movie is done filming.



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