This is a Xenomorph T-Rex, Your Argument is Invalid

(click for full amazing size)

What would the most badass creature on the planet be, if it could combine the real and the fictional? I have a few I could picture, but a Xenomorph T-Rex is certainly near the top of that list. Artist Stjepan Sejic has brought that brilliant idea to life with a series of artwork, and the full scale of the beast can be seen in the first picture above.

We’ve learned from Prometheus, albeit rather confusingly, that the Xenomorph goo can spawn a whole host of creatures, not just the standard Alien alien we’ve seen for so many years. What if the goo got ahold of a dinosaur during prehistoric times? The result would be the greatest creature of all time.

There are two more pictures below, one of a Predator and one of that Predator riding said T-Rex. Yep, this just got even more awesome.


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